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Hair coloring

It's time to update your image, search for new shades and intonations? Refer to the services of professional hairdressers and stylists from the salon "Almarin" in the Krasnogvardeisky district. We will select for you a unique combination of tones in perfect accordance with the color type and perform coloring without harming the hair structure. Entrust us with your hairstyle and be convinced of the virtuoso skill of our salon specialists. Find more here: how much does it cost to bleach and dye your hair at a salon

The main advantage of the work of a good master with high qualifications is a creative approach to solving their problem. An extensive palette of professional paints, a developed imagination and a refined artistic taste - this is an excellent basis for creating an irresistible image in accordance with your wishes. The magic hands of stylists will make your appearance even brighter and more impressive, will bring new notes to your image, awakening the powerful energy of sexuality and charm that dormant in every woman.

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How much does it cost to dye your hair - the price of the service in St. Petersburg

We present you our price list for hair dyeing services. Please note that the price for the service does not include material.

The cost of the painting procedure in our studio is average in the city, despite the great experience of the masters and high-quality materials. What is included in the indicated cost - coloring, care, styling. Also included in the price is a carefree atmosphere, a cup of tea and a good mood! Come and visit us in the Almarin oasis of beauty and tranquility.

Hair dyeing techniques in a hairdresser

In the arsenal of modern hairdressers, there are many tricks to create an individual look, stunning harmony and elegance. Changing your style sometimes means changing yourself and your life, often for the better. Changing, we expand the boundaries, look at the world a little differently, see new opportunities for ourselves and for the implementation of our plans.

Dyeing your hair correctly means finding radiance in your eyes, confidence in your gait and within yourself. But at the same time, only a woman understands the scale of the tragedy with the wrong coloring! Therefore, this issue should be approached with all seriousness and think over new shades, methods of dyeing, which one is better to make a haircut and, in fact, where to dye your hair inexpensively in St. Petersburg.

We will help you radically change the style of your appearance or give your hair a new, slightly different shade, using the following coloring techniques:

Highlighting . Dyeing individual strands in different shades creates a stunning effect of the play of sun glare in the hair. Thanks to the use of high-quality dyes, the strands acquire a healthy shine and a well-groomed look. The most popular today is Californian highlighting, which is characterized by natural gradations of shades. The lightening of individual strands is performed without foil, the dye compositions work in the open air.

Coloring vertical and horizontal . With horizontal dyeing, the change in shades occurs along the length of the hair: at the roots they are dark, in the middle they are lighter and at the ends they are the most lightened. Vertical coloring involves coloring strands using up to 18 tones of paint and fantastic shade transitions.

Ombre . At the roots, the hair darkens, and gradually lightens as it moves towards the ends. The border between shades can be clear or shaded. Ombre looks great on long hair and allows you to create vibrant effects that are stunning in their originality and flawless artistic effect.